Sunday, April 25, 2004

Fringe 2004 Early Buzz - Honorable Mentions (2 & 3 of 3)

Fast Fringe 1: The Agony
Fast Fringe 2: The Ecstasy
produced by The Spanish Ladies
Loring Playhouse

Short play festivals are cropping up all over the country, so why shouldn't the country's largest Fringe Festival have one of its very own?

That was the question and challenge spurring us on as we created the Fringe's first foray into short play showcase experimentation, Fast Fringe.

2 slots, 5 playwrights each, for a total of 10 short plays ranging across all manner of styles and subject matter.

The plays and playwrights are as follows:

Exit Interview by Eugenia Jensen
Manhandled by Mic Weinblatt
Paper Trail by Dominic Orlando
Das Ewig Weibliche by Timothy Cope
Milk by Amanda Thompson
All About Words by Michelle Pett
Limbo Lounge by Betty Liedtke
Mud On A Little Girl's Dress by Jason Connors
Infinite Justice by Mike Peroz
Your Call Is Very Important To Us by Roy Close

A tabloid tale come to life. Super-sized maternal instincts. A homeland security pas de deux. Something that may or may not be incest. A meditation on the virtues of manual vs. battery-operated breast pumps. A gun on the kitchen table. A look at where discarded characters wind up. A hitman in the family. A vengeful father who may or may not be worse that the terrorist he stalks. A trip through the looking glass of a customer service phone bank. Hilarious and terrifying. Thought-provoking but always entertaining. This is a collection of playwrights, most of them local, whose way with words captured our attention. 5 plays each, collected in two Fringe-sized hour-long packages. That's ten shows for the price of two. How can you lose?

The producers, The Spanish Ladies (thanks to a Lady of Spain acordion joke gone horribly awry), are myself, Daniel Pinkerton and Roy Close. Our director for all ten plays is Bryan Bevell, a San Diego transplant who recently directed Lobby Hero for the Jungle Theater. Come see what we've cooked up for you.

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