Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fringe 2011 - Fringe Blog Interruptus

Hello, Fringers! (and/or whoever reads this thing)

Sorry for the delay. I feel way behind on my Fringe seasonal blogging duties. Circumstances keep conspiring to gobble up what was my free time. Good things, but they sure have cut into the blogging time.

My main day job just hired me a new boss, and he's hitting the ground running, really pushing us (in a good way) to get the new fundraising year (which started July 1) off to a strong start. Plus, we're still shorthanded since my other co-worker found and moved on to another position. So, not a lot of down time there.

I also was on a theater reviewing binge for the Twin Cities Daily Planet outside the blog, the last two weekends chock full of theatergoing - Street Scene, Waiting For Godot, Saboteur, Buttercream & Scotch, Ex-Gays, and Oh The Humanity. Phew.

In addition, there's a script I'm finishing for Project 515 (a reshuffling/expansion of this) which goes on a little college tour at the end of September, which means it rehearses in August, which is of course right after the Fringe. So, best to get at least a first draft hammered out before the Fringe hits. Nearly there...

Fringe time also means Mom visiting, which means one needs to clean, to be ready for Mom visiting.

And come late August/early September, Flowershop Project will begin rehearsals for my play Medea & Jason: Rubicon Waltz. No writing chores there, but they did enlist me as dramaturg (I know, I know, a playwright who using themselves as a dramaturg has a fool for a client, but...) Just means I need to get all my Greek mythology references dusted off. It's a comedy, but that doesn't mean it doesn't also have its own set of prodigious footnotes in need of explanation. We have a kick-ass cast, so I want to be sure I do everything I can to help them nail this thing (we'll all end up looking better if I do - enlightened self-interest).

But Fringe-For-All #1 (with #2 fast approaching), scheduling mania, the Out of Towner showcase, this year's Top 10/Top 20 list. Much to do before opening night, eh?

Let's get on that...

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