Sunday, February 20, 2005

Fringe 2005 - Many Happy Returns - Top Ten Class of 2003 back again

Kevin Kling - Dick da Tird

There was some concern expressed when the lottery was implemented - "What if Kevin Kling doesn't get picked? How can you have a Fringe without Kevin Kling?"

So when, about halfway into the drawing, Kevin's number got pulled, mistress of ceremonies Leah Cooper said, "OK, you can all relax now. Kevin's in."

He hardly needs me to mention him. The man was selling out the Women's Club last year. It's a big space and not always the easiest to find for some folks - even though it's right off of Loring Park where a lot of the other central Fringe venues are located. But people made it a point to find Kevin last year for his show "Whoppers" and I'm sure they'll do the same again this year, whatever space he ends up in. My mom got to see him the year before with me, when his show Baseball, Dogs and Motorcycles - which for some reason I want to call Baseball, Hot Dogs and Motorcycles but that's my Freudian slip showing, I guess - when that 2003 show was filling the (former) Hey City (now) Henepin Stages downstairs space beyond the bursting point.

This year's a little different for Mr. Kling. Instead of another ecclectic bunch of stories, his concept for "Dick da Tird" is summarized as follows...

Richard the Third meets the Iron Range

So, still that Minnesota flavor. And I can't think of anyone I'd rather see paired with the Bard than Kevin. Should be fun. And doubtless will sell out early. So start lining up now, I guess.

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...including, Rik Reppe (2003's Staggering Toward America)]

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