Friday, April 29, 2005

The Latest from Skewed Visions

See, the tough thing about only updating my site once a week is that worthy theater-going stuff slips by me if it falls in between.

(And the not so fun thing about having to schedule my free time about a month in advance these days with the second job is that, well, there isn't a lot of wiggle room, even to see the free stuff. But I need the money. So there you have it.)

Skewed Visions is previewing their latest work on Saturday, April 30th. So, before you head over to St. Paul to help save Outward Spiral Theatre Company (see previous blog entry below or click here...)

You can catch a little of Skewed Visions new creation.

I've greatly enjoyed everything of theirs which I've seen so far, including Fringe 2004's Pipes, and the kickoff segment of Five Fifths of the Godfather, the Fringe's recent fundraiser. It's always compelling, amusing, thought-provoking entertainment.

Here's the info straight off their website...

"The Hidden Room is a new multimedia performance/installation written and directed by Gulgun Kayim based on the life and art of Jewish/Ukrainian artist, author & holocaust victim, Bruno Schultz. A Quiet Ambition is a new work by Charles Campbell and Cherri Macht utilizing film, sound, movement, language and image to evoke of the stillness of anxiety and the disquiet of solitude.

Excerpts of The Hidden Room and A Quiet Ambition will be presented for one night only on Saturday April 30th, 7:00pm, at the Artist's Cooperative Building Complex, 1618 Central Ave NE Minneapolis. A reception will follow the performance.

The event is FREE, but reservations are required to attend. To reserve a seat and for directions call 612-823-4990 or email

This activity is made possible by a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Hidden Room and A Quiet Ambition are part of the upcoming work Days and Nights, a new series of original performances exploring interior landscapes of isolation, memory, desperation, myth and meaning. Join our mailing list to learn the latest about Days and Nights and other upcoming Skewed Visions work by sending a message to"

(This last, I am definitely doing, since sometimes the showcard comes in the mail when I don't have much I can do about it but think good thoughts and wish them well. If you're lucky enough to have some extra time on your hands and are wondering what to do on a Saturday night, Skewed Visions and Outward Spiral definitely have you covered this week.)

For more info on Skewed Visions, past, present and future, including directions to the event, visit their website at

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