Monday, July 27, 2015

Fringe Preview - Hank and Jesus (Hay-soos)

Hank and Jesus ('Hay-soos') presented by Preus Productions

Finally sober, Hank is adrift with only his kind heart and bad country songs for navigation. A helpful visitor nudges him on a new path, home for a family Christmas, and closer to the miracle he really needs.

I accidentally walked in on these guys rehearsing in the men’s room while pulling on their cowboy boots.  It was nice to find out what show they were doing.  I’m learning to play guitar myself, so when I see two guys playing acoustic guitar onstage - and playing and singing well - you’ve already got me hooked.  Fringe posted a video, listen for yourself:

“If I had a woman, she would leave me.”

Judging from the show description and additional info on their Fringe page, there seems to be a spiritual element in the mix as well, riding along on the wave of comedic country music that’s at the center of the performance.  Mom likes country.  I like guitar and new plays by local writers.  We both like a good play with some discussion of religion mixed in.  We’re probably going to see Hank and Jesus.

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