Monday, July 27, 2015

Fringe Preview - Stuff That Reminds Me Of Other Things: a walking tour

Stuff That Reminds Me Of Other Things: a walking tour presented by Keely Wolter

Stretch your legs, get out of that dark theater, and join us on a whimsical walk through your tour guide's past experiences.

This walking tour concept rises or falls on the personality of your tour guide.  The whole show is based on events from her life.  So is it going to be entertaining or a snooze?  Judging by the presentation by tour guide/creator Keely Wolter and her director/collaborator/able assistant Rachel Petrie, it looks like a lot of fun. 

“Thanks for participating, or not participating.”

Wolter and Petrie play off each other well and they have great comedic timing.  They used the preview as a way to humorously lay out the general ground rules of the walk - and reassure anyone leery of "audience participation" (complete with air quotes).

And there will be walking, rain or shine, so wear comfortable shoes and be ready for a half a mile stroll with frequent stops (no stairs, just a half a block’s slight uphill climb along the way).  Not a show for my Mom, unfortunately (the walking part of the walking show didn't work for her last year), but I might tag along after her visit’s over.  Wolter and Petrie seem like they’d be a lot of fun to hang out with for an hour, and it’d be a nice change of pace to get out and about.

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