Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Fringe 2005 Ping Pong Ball Awards

The "Oops, Sorry About That" Award

I'm not entirely sure how it happened but it was one of two things - either they read the number of the ping pong ball wrong, or they got the number right but accidentally read the description of the wrong company and show.

But early on in the drawing of the general lottery, they read the following after a certain ping pong ball was drawn...

"Eden Prairie High School
Girl sees boy. Girl likes boy. Girl stalks boy. You know, same old story."

The problem? It was the wrong company. So, unfortunately, these folks got their hopes up for a minute, and then realized - hey, wait, that wasn't really our number.

And then, really unfortunately, they had to wait around til the very end of the drawing, because their ping pong ball was really drawn...

Second to last of the entire night.


I'm not sure how that works - maybe if one of the other teen shows in the Fringe drops out they stand a chance. Still...


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