Monday, July 22, 2019

Fringe 2019 Top 20 #19 - R Culture - EnCompass Theatre - Strike

Description: Satirical vignettes set the stage for an unlikely carnival where the Ringmaster and her clowns boldly unmask the naked, chilling truth of rape culture.

I was already curious about this one, and then they sent me a press release that really sold me on both the production and the company, so I’m going to borrow their words, since they describe themselves best.  I figure if it sold me, it’ll probably sell you, too.

“Through edgy satire comedy, Cecilia Copeland’s R Culture tackles the escalating issue of rape culture in America.

Copeland carefully crafts a high stakes environment with a backdrop of carnival vignettes to set the stage for the Ringmaster and their clowns to unmask the disdainful behavior that lurks in our society.

Settings include dialogue from high school parties, college admissions processes, climbing the corporate ladder; revealing nakedly a chilling truth that we often try to ignore, R culture is embedded into the American subconscious.

EnCompass Theatre Company is proud to present Cecilia Copeland’s R Culture as their Minnesota Fringe debut. 

Encompass Theatre Company’s mission is to encompass both the audience and the artist to help create theatre that is topical and compelling.

They do this by selecting shows that follow our theatrical moral compass.

(I got confused for a second here, and then I realized they weren’t trying to spell EnCompass, they were dealing with the north, south, east and west of their [moral] compass - sometimes I’m slow :)

N is for New works and New artists; to collaborate with new and emerging designers, playwrights, and actors that have unique perspectives on their art.

E is for Enthralling and Educational; audiences should walk away with more on their mind than the mundane. Instead, an audience should depart reflecting on the art, society, history, or even oneself.

S is for Social Justice and Social Consciousness; to engage with scripts that discuss topical issues that influence our communities. By partnering with community members and non profit organizations we will be able to spark conversations and inspire action.

W is for Woman Led and Women Inspired; Casey Marie Holmes leads this company with the intent to collaborate with a feminist lens to bring to life powerful female roles and narratives.

Come join us for this EnCompass Theatre Productions latest production motivated by the #MeToo and Feminist Movement and in support of all people who have been violated by the patriarchal society and the predators that lurk and benefit in the shadows.”

Sold.  There.  Plotting it into my schedule now.

First show - Friday, August 2, 2019, 5:30pm - Strike Theater

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