Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Fringe's Bitch

I've said it before, I'll say it again...

If this were a prison movie, and the Fringe and I were cellmates, I'd be the Fringe's bitch.

You know it's bad when you really, really want to blog, because you're so excited about all the cool shows you want to spread the good news about, but you can't because...

Well, let's see, there's updating my website because it's now linked to three show pages on the Fringe site and needs to look at current as humanly possible.

There's the updating of all the bios on both sites, still not done...

Then there's dealing with the show cards - lovely but...ack, expensive...that now all have my fingerprints on them (all 2000 of 'em) because I spent the better part of a couple of hours parceling them off into bundles of 100 each to pass our to our cast and playwrights to start proselytizing for Fast Fringe.

And of course in between, four nights a week, are rehearsals for the other show (where I'm now on book for actors learning to put down their scripts)

One of which I'll have to miss because my friend Abigail with the radio show on KFAI just called to say she'd like to profile me - so one more chance to plug the shows there.

But there's that moment, like last night in rehearsal for Dandelion Snow, when you realize, "I think this could be a sleeper hit of the Fringe. If only people can find their way to it, I think they'll love it, and tell other people, and maybe, just maybe..." The actors so deserve it for all their hard work.

So it's more hard work for me, happily, because I know I'm plugging away for a good cause.

Writing, producing, TV hosting, radio guesting, blogging, web updating.

Yup, I'm the Fringe's bitch.

If you want to know who I am in real life, talk to me on August 16th.

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