Thursday, July 08, 2004

While You're At It...

...or Shows In A Similar Vein That Are Worth A Look

Laughing like an idiot at
In Defense of Sin (My Friends' Best Stories)
from Ministry of Cultural Warfare?

Punk Rock Awesome
Ferrari McSpeedy
Brave New Workshop

The final installment of the Punk Rock thrillogy.

I missed the first two installments and am, frankly, kicking myself, given the rabid and enthusiastic following Ferrari McSpeedy has among other Fringe artists I admire.

I went to Improv-A-Go-Go last month to get a peek at Ferrari McSpeedy in their element.

"Well, I guess I've got a sh-tload of elephants to blow."

And yes, when you have an improv setup based in a glass-blowing business, and they have an order for dozens of glass elephants, the line above almost becomes inevitable. But dang if it wasn't still funny as hell when it was finally spoken aloud.

These two improv artists are amazing when they're completely unscripted. With a script of their own devising backing them up, as in the Punk Rock plays, they must be pretty damn brilliant.

They're one of four improv groups who were invited to the Chicago Improv Festival this year. Four groups from Minneapolis is quite a coup. Just goes to prove what those in the improv community in the Twin Cities already know - just like so many other forms of art, our improv community is thriving and getting noticed far outside the city, and even state, limits.

I've been assured that you don't have to have been privy to Punk Rock Omaha or Punk Rock Revisited to understand and enjoy the last installment of the trilogy. Though longtime Fringe fans will no doubt get an extra charge out of the latest from Ferrari McSpeedy, new initiates like myself will still have plenty to enjoy as well.

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