Saturday, July 31, 2004

Radio Silence

Finally, I'm back.

Sorry for the extended incommunicado period, but it was a computer crash beyond my control. My "new" supposedly lovely laptop crashed for the third (and final) time in less than ten months. And after major replacements of the logic/motherboard and the entire hard drive (with a complete loss of all data - thank heaven for backups) the first two times, the maker agreed it was a lemon and said they'd send me another. There was a lot of hold time on the phone in there, but the result was good.

However, I won't have said computer until a week or so from now. Luckily, my old, but still very sturdy, laptop - though slow - is at least fully functional and internet capable. So the blogs are back.

First up, time to post the thing I was trying to complete when the sad crash occurred... (no reflection on, or ill will toward the company in question - it certainly wasn't their fault :)

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