Thursday, July 29, 2004

What I Do Instead of Blogging

Look for internet access in St. Paul.

As day jobs go, my day job's OK. It's very busy right now so I can't sneak time to blog on duty.

I'd do some at lunch but my day job is in St. Paul.

Whereas where I live, in Minneapolis, wi-fi would not be a problem to find, sadly, it's not so easy in St. Paul.

It *is* the state capitol, right?

You can't swing a dead cat without running into a bank, a food court, a brokerage firm, a marginally-stocked convenience store, or a coffee shop in St. Paul.

But if you work in downtown, and want, oh, say, a book, or a CD, or office supplies, or wi-fi? Forget it. Not within walking distance.

Minneapolis? Not a problem.

If anyone has suggestions for wi-fi in downtown St. Paul that don't require me getting in a car and driving halfway to Minneapolis, thus wasting the lunch hour during which I was trying to eat and blog just getting to a place where I *can* blog, I'm all ears.

More when I get home from our last pre-tech rehearsal of Dandelion Snow tonight.


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