Saturday, August 04, 2012

Backdoor blog

Sometimes the internet is cranky.

With all the traffic the Twin Cities Daily Planet receives, particularly at Fringe time (and quite a lot around lunch time), sometimes the interface I use to post material is, shall we say, less than cooperative.

In order not to lose my work, and thus feel compelled to scream and throw things, I draft my work up first and save it on Blogger, at

It will appear there, hopefully not all that long before I can get it posted to the Daily Planet.

So if it seems like forever since I've posted something (and it's not a time I would otherwise be running around actually seeing Fringe shows), and you're wondering what I might be up to, you can look over there and see if there's some content in the pipeline.  Sometimes the internet just isn't cooperating on the final step of publication, and I have to let something languish while I run off and see a show, and will come back and give the posting another try later in the day.

I doubt there are Fringe obsessive-compulsives out there with my same degree of "need to know" but in case there are, that's my posting secret for you.

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