Thursday, August 02, 2012

Out of Towners - Shelby Company - Font of Knowledge

A washed-up word jockey and a sexy librarian team up to stop the world's deadliest font from falling into the clutches of the Commies in this mash-up of 1950s genres, from noir to sci-fi.

"The time for mustaches is over."

Anybody reading this blog the last three years knows I love me some Shelby Company.  They blew my mind on their first visit with Winnemucca: Three Days In The Belly, and followed up with a goofy assortment of shorts in Uncle Shelby's Traveling Treasure Trunk, then won over a whole new group of fans with their baseball drama Sousepaw last year.  This year, they're back to goofy, with another completely different script from Sousepaw scribe Jonathan A. Goldberg.  And judging by the preview they did last night, it's gonna be a hoot.

The jokes were flying fast and furious in this send-up of old film noir hard-boiled detective stories.  The cast is having a ball doing this script, you can tell.  Nice thing is, we get to share the fun, too.  The costume design is largely stark shades of black and white, with some red accents thrown in for good measure.  The characters are not just cynical (and funny) but oversexed as well (sample line - "I think better on my back with my mouth full." - and it was a guy saying it to a woman for a change), so proceed with a little caution.  But if you like your humor smart and ballsy, this one looks like a lot of fun.

I'm glad Shelby Company picked up some of Les Kurkendaal's good Fringe Lottery karma and they just keep coming back.  Not only do I like their shows, but I like them.  They're a fun bunch to hang out with, so be sure to look for them at Fringe Central.  If I'm lucky, they'll adopt me as one of their Fringe mascots again this year.

If you want to kick off your Fringe with a little Shelby Company, they have the closing slot at 10 at Mixed Blood tonight, Thursday 8/2.  They also have the 10pm slot on Saturday, 8/4, then they have shows on Monday, 8/6 and next Friday and Saturday, 8/10 and 8/11.

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