Thursday, August 02, 2012

The 5 Returning Fringe Acts I'm Most Looking Forward To Seeing

I've referenced 4 out of the 5 shows on this list in other posts related to their Fringe-For-All previews, but just for a handy reference, here are the five returning Fringe acts that spent time in Top Ten lists of mine in previous years that I'm most excited about seeing again this year (as is Mom, they're all on her schedule this week before she heads back to Pennsylvania).

They are:

1 - Ash Land - Transatlantic Love Affair - Rarig Thrust (pre-Fringe Top 10 2010 edition) 

Their Fringe-For-All preview reminded me all the reasons why.

2 - Sin Eater - Present State Movement - Intermedia Arts (pre-Fringe Top 10 2010 edition)

Her Fringe-For-All preview, ditto.

And I've been saying to friends who try and pin me down, if you see only two Fringe shows this year, they should be Ash Land and Sin Eater.  (I, of course, recommend and will see many more.  But if pressed, that's my short answer.)

3 - Nightmare Without Pants - Joking Envelope - Rarig Thrust (pre-Fringe Top 10 2005 edition)

For all the reasons listed about Joseph Scrimshaw's extremely funny Fringe-For-All preview, and because he gave the most amazing performance I saw by a human being last year, under the worst of all possible circumstances.

4 - Fear And Trembling - Maximum Verbosity - HUGE Improv Theater (pre-Fringe Top 10 2007 edition)

For all the reasons I mentioned in his Fringe-For-All preview.

5 - An Agony of Fools - Ben San Del - Southern Theater (pre-Fringe Top 10 2006 edition)

No journey of self-discovery. No deep reveal. Only a slight chance of dancing. Cleanse your palate with a new comedy hour from the creator of Minnesota Middle Finger and A Nice Guy's Guide to Awkward Sex.

No preview from Ben.  But with things like Middle Finger, Awkward Sex, and Animal Cracker Genocide  on his Fringe resume, I don't need much convincing, and neither should you.  It's smart, genial comedy whether he's serving it up in scripted form or as part of his stand-up act.  Mom and I were happy to see him last night hanging around the Out of Towners' showcase, and looking forward to seeing more of him in performance.

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