Saturday, August 04, 2012

Fringe Invitation - Want To Tag Along With Mom For Free?

Hey there, theater people on a budget...  (You know who you are, but as of yet, I don't, hence the post)

Since Mom is the proud owner of an Ultra Pass, this year she has a free pass to bring a guest to each of the Fringe shows she's going to see on Monday and Tuesday this week.

We hate to let free theater tickets go to waste so...

If any of these shows are of interest to you and you want to join us, just let us know.  We even already have a spare Fringe button to hand around so your admission is fully covered.

Monday, August 6, 2012

5:30 - A Comedy of Edits - Callahan and Lingo - Rarig Arena (here's a preview)

7:00 - Class of 98 - Mainly Me Productions - Theatre In The Round (They're on my Top 10 list this year - here's a preview)

8:30 - Font of Knowledge - Shelby Company - Mixed Blood (here's a preview)

10:00 - Birds of Passage - The Winding Sheet Outfit - Rarig Xperimental (They're on my Top 10 list this year)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

5:30 - Storms Beneath Her Skin - Rebecca Kling - Patrick's Cabaret (She's on my Top 20 list this year - here's a preview)

7:00 - Ms. Luisa Eats - Sunset Gun Productions - Patrick's Cabaret (here's a preview)

8:30 - A One Way Ticket To Crazy Town - Les Kurkendaal - Patrick's Cabaret (here's a preview)

10:00 - Dead Wrong - Katherine Glover - Patrick's Cabaret (She's on top of my Top 10 list this year - here's a preview)

If any of these interest you and you'd like to join us, either tweet me @MatthewAEverett, or email me at mail AT matthewaeverett DOT com (and bcc to browder268 AT yahoo DOT com just to be on the safe side, since my spam filter's a little wonky).  We'll arrange the logistics and meet you there.

Free Fringe for the taking, compliments of the Ultra Pass and my Ultra Mom.

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