Thursday, August 02, 2012

Out of Towners - Hazy Shade Productions - Scarborough Fair

This musical comedy features the sassy melodies (and harmonies) of Simon and Garfunkel. With little more than a guitar and an egg shaker, these spiritually-driven travelers warm hearts and melt faces.

"You might see us bathing in your fountains, dancing with your homeless people, riding on the backs of your Vikings."

It's a one-joke premise, but it's a funny joke, and there's music.

The two men, Scarborough (Matthew Frazier-Smith) and Fair (Brendan Johnson), are your typical hippie acoustic guitar folk music types.  They clearly have issues with each other, which keep bubbling to the surface.  And they're extremely earnest in their song delivery, complete with "meaningful" gestures and facial expressions for emphasis. Plus they're actually quite good at the whole Simon & Garfunkel cover band thing.  Nice harmonies.  And you can only clown around with something like this if you've got your act down to begin with.

If you need a break from the rock musicals and the show tunes and you wouldn't mind a laugh at the expense of characters who take themselves way too seriously, Scarborough Fair would be a nice pause in the mad rush and spectacle of the Fringe.

They've got the closing slot at 10 at Theatre In The Round tonight, Thursday 8/2 (right after the raucous - and highly recommended - Class of 98 - so you could make it a twofer).  They've also got shows this Saturday, 8/4, then Tuesday 8/7, and next Friday and Saturday, 8/10 and 8/11.

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