Friday, August 08, 2014

Fringe Review - The Sex (Ed) Show - Rarig Xperimental - 5 stars

Mom pronounced this one “Just raunchy enough” and had a thoroughly good time.  It’s no surprise The Sex (Ed) Show is selling out its venue.  As racy as The Dirty Curls can often be in their choice of subject matter, they also really love their audience.  They’re not there to shock or repulse anyone.  They’re out to sing the praises of sex and sexuality as a healthy and fun part of life.  Plus, as Mom quite rightly points out, Courtney McLean, Samantha Veldhouse. Anna Weggel and Lacey Ann Zeiler have gorgeous voices that sound even more gorgeous together.  Sort of an angelic choir of mischievous sprites.  Not only that, they play a mean guitar, banjo, mandolin and/or ukelele, and tambourine.  (They also got an assist from token dude friend Kevin Scott on upright bass).

This Fringe show is much like their last in terms of format - a combination of frank talk storytelling that leans heavily on the comedy (whether it’s Courtney’s adventures in lesbianism, Samantha’s letter to her younger self suffering through puberty, or everyone’s tales of lost virginity); sketches like Anna Weggel’s word play spurred on by the letters in the word Condom - or the last minute nudity offering Guess That Boob; and lots and lots of great songs - lilting tones accompanying discussion of safe words, STDs, negotiating sexual position, sexy life as a new mom, an incongruous longing to skip right from parenthood to grandchildren, and of course another sexy theme song.

Don’t worry, there’s even raunchier material available if you check out their local gigs in bars around town.  But for the Fringe, they thought they’d try and strike a slightly more general audience friendly balance in content, while still remaining true to the spirit of the band.  As usual, they succeed in a big and entertaining way with The Sex (Ed) Show.

5 stars, Very Highly Recommended

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