Monday, June 27, 2005

Fringe 2005 - TV Guest #2 - Allegra Lingo

Sunday, June 19, 2005 - 11:30am

Even though Allegra wears many hats for the Fringe (and bless her for it), I wouldn't have happened upon her work as a spoken word artist and storyteller had it not been for my writer friend Eli Weintraub being in the same spoken word showcase with her. I came to support Eli and wound up a fan of several other spoken word folk as well, chief among them Allegra. In fact, most of my review of Agog (for that's what the showcase was called), was about her tales of trying to fit in as the "unconventional" partner of a bridesmaid at a wedding. Very sweet, clever and amusing material winningly presented.

Back again with a slot all to herself, regaling us with tales of her journeys through Ireland and all the other tangents which may spring from that recounting, in a show called Hubcap Frisbee.

The sampling of that show on display was tales of missing hubcaps leading to talk of an English teacher who hears voices and leads a crusade, and a lawsuit, on behalf of a bush where faeries (the legendary kind, not the gay pride weekend kind) were said to congregate. Said bush was in the path of a road-widening project, but Ireland, it seems, has different priorities...

After hearing this, and chatting with Allegra for the interview about the line between storytelling and spoken word, and where inspiration comes from, I could happily spend another hour of Fringe time listening to her spin tales of countries I have yet to visit. Helps bring the world a bit closer together, and brings out the traveler in me at the same time.

Allegra was actually my first show card. She had the new Fringe logo on it and everything. Like any good artist pimping her show, she had them with her and passed them out to everyone in the studio. The postcard parade has begun.

Allegra's schedule is interesting - she has shows four days in row early on, and then her final performance is on the final day of the festival. I urge you to help her with word of mouth and filling those early shows. Given her lineup of show dates, she has to get that momentum going quickly. So don't wait til the last performance. Slot her into your Fringe-going early.

Allegra Lingo
Hubcap Frisbee
Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts
Sat 8/6, 5:30 pm
Sun 8/7, 10:00 pm
Mon 8/8, 7:00 pm
Tue 8/9, 10:00 pm
Sun 8/14, 1:00 pm

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Matthew! Also check out the first podcast of the 2005 Fringe to hear another excerpt from the show. --Allegra