Monday, June 27, 2005

Fringe 2005 - TV Guest #5 - whoops...we'll try that again tomorrow...

Sunday, June 19, 2005 - 2pm

Well, there was a misunderstanding somewhere and the guest scheduled for 2pm Sunday actually thought they were supposed to come 2pm on Monday. Whoops. So, a double booking for tomorrow, but for today, a little breathing room.

During which we took care of the intros and outs for the episodes.

You'd think that walking and talking at the same time wouldn't be that much of a challenge.

Every time I stumble over one of these sequences, I'm reminded anew why I love and respect actors, and normally have the good sense to leave the working in front of an audience thing to them. They know what they're doing. They're trained, and come with good instincts to boot.

Me, it's a miracle if I can memorize and then recite something in a less than wooden fashion that I even wrote myself, and practiced.

Add to that walking in and out of camera range, in and out of my light, hitting a mark, sitting without missing the stool, and sounding enthused about something I'm actually very psyched about, rather than just staring into the camera, seeing my reflection in the lens and looking terrified.

Attempting a cartwheel I sometimes think would be less embarrassing.

Then you reverse the whole thing for the goodbye segment. Start sitting, then stand without losing the camera and becoming the incredible headless host, turn and walk away.

Talk, but not too fast. Try to get all the words out without bobbling them.

Last time, we ended up having to just run the audio part of the exit over the credits because of time constraints, so maybe I can avoid the walking out again at least.

I cracked my funeral director/wedding/job interview suit out of the closet for the occasion. Hopefully it's a step up from my beleaguered blue jacket (at this point the clothing equivalent of the Velveteen Rabbit)

Finally, the cavalcade of guest names...

Today on Cue to Cue...
The Scrimshaw Brothers
Allegra Lingo
The Early Stage
Aniccha Arts
Teatro del Pueblo
Emigrant Theater
Leah Cooper, Executive Director of the Minnesota Fringe Festival
Rik Reppe
David Mann and The Rogues
MedusaHead Productions
the Players of Notorious Temerity
Ballet of the Dolls

...and if you think you're surprised we managed to get that lineup, imagine how surprised I am.

3pm, on to the next guest...

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