Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fringe 2008 - The Squeaker Award

goes to...

Urban Samurai Productions

the very last ping pong ball to be drawn for the general lottery before they had to start the wait list (phew!)

Their initial notice...

Musical the Musical!

"A musical parody of musicals. Each song more hysterical than the last as the lyrics and choreography continually comment on themselves."

The Samurai, too, have a production coming up in advance of the Fringe, in April.

American Apathy

"Despite their Fiber Boost Juicer 5000 and 28 passenger SUV, Ron and Judy are sensing a void in their lives. The TV assures them that it’s nothing their credit cards can’t handle, but when imminent bankruptcy looms large they may be forced to wake up from their 'blissful' American Dream. Don’t miss this new comedy by acclaimed local playwright Aaron Christopher."

(They aren't kidding about the acclaimed part. Check out
their previous reviews of past productions. The critics are liking them.)

American Apathy is playing at Fringe venue the playwrights center.

Details at www.urbansamuraipro.com

I've been missing their productions, though they've increasingly caught my eye. So I'm looking forward to rectifying this blank spot in my theatergoing - sooner rather than later...

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