Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fringe Archive - 2006 - My Pre-Fringe Top 10

If You Held A Gun To My Head...

...or, if I could only see ten Fringe shows, what would they be and why?

First, Clearing The Decks

Then here's the full run-down, with write-ups on

#1 - Perpetual Motion Theater Company - The Depth of the Ocean

#2 - Dan Bernitt - Thanks for the Scabies, Jerkface

#3 - Jeffrey Barnes - Remember Who Made You

#4 - Noontime Theatre & Otsie Kerplotsie - I Want to be Musashi: A Clown Samurai Fantasy

#5 - Universal Dance Destiny - African Roads American Streets

#6 - The Donovan Ensemble - Don't Drop the Soap or Lutherans Gone Wild!

#7 - Shantz Theater - A Year in the Life of 25 Strangers Living in a City by the Lake

#8 - Four Humours Theatre - Deviled Eggs

#9 - Leaky Pen Inc. - Mittens for Fat Kids

#10 - Fresh Meat NYC - Fresh Meat

And here's a quick-and-dirty write-up for the time-challenged

And here's the low-down on returning favorites from pre-Fringe Top 10/Top 20 lists past...

Returning Top 10/20ers 2005 - the final version, with Tom Cassidy, Tenth Muse, Unbound, Live Action Set, Scrimshaw, Walking Shadow, Allegra, Three Sticks, and the Players of Notorious Temerity - plus an earlier version when the list was still fresh and the schedule not finalized

Returning Top 10ers 2004 - Chameleon Theater Circle, and Tim Uren - and an earlier post about that cadre of artists coming back

Returning Top 10ers 2003 - Kevin Kling, the Ministry of Cultural Warfare, and Kurt Hunter Marionettes - plus an earlier post on these folks

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