Sunday, March 23, 2008

The "It Only Looks Like It's Sleeping" Award

to the Minnesota Fringe Festival website

(and, to be fair, it could just as easily apply to this blog over the last couple of weeks)

The new look for the front page of the Fringe site doesn't appear to have changed much lately - but that's deceptive.

First up, if you click to refresh the page, the Button Discount featured on the front page changes.

Also, the main list and waiting list for the shows on this year's Fringe schedule has been updated at least three times that I know of. It even took me a while to check back, just to see if anything shifted. And what do you know, if you click on those links to download the pdfs of the lists, it does indeed give you something new. There were updates that changed on 3/4, 3/12, and now 3/20.

We lost two entries in the Teen Fringe, an entry in the Artists of Color lottery, a National Fringer, and it looks like six from the general lottery pull, thus far.

12 acts came up off the wait list onto the main schedule.

Haven't ferreted through the wait list for all those that just dumped out and didn't want to... well, wait on a list.

So, check back. Things are evolving.

Sign up for the Fringe Herald. Some of the button discounts listed there haven't made it to the site or the rotation on the front page yet, so it's a handy bit of additional information.

Now it's time I got back to a bit more regular blogging, now that the taxes are behind me.

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