Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fringe Archive - 2007 - 5 Star Shows - Life-Altering Experience

Since the Fringe isn't in the blog hosting business anymore, and the blog-like function on my website is still under reconstruction, I thought it might be handy to have a set of quick links to past coverage (for me as well as readers wandering over to this new/old blog setup). The links in the title list will lead to the review I posted. So, let's start with last year's favorites for me...

Shows in the 2007 Minnesota Fringe Festival I rated

5 Stars - Life-Altering Experience

Very Highly Recommended

A Brief History of Petty Crime - Jimmy Hogg, aka The Roodie Pancake Experiment

(what was...) American Folksongs (now The Prince Myshkins) - The Nonsense Company

Bards (saw it twice) - Four Humors Theatre

Christmas In Bakersfield - Traveling Kurkedaal Productions

Descendant of Dragons - Maximum Verbosity

I Hate Kenny G - Allegra Lingo and Commedia Beauregard

Killer Smile - New Theatre Group

KIPO! - TigerLion Works

Monster Movies With My Undead Dad - Nancy Donoval

Requiem Pour Une Ame Seule - Isabelle Barbat

The Cody Rivers Show - Flammable People (saw it twice) - The Cody Rivers Show

William Shakespeare's Hystery Queene Margaret - Bedlam Theatre

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