Thursday, August 04, 2011

Fringe 2011 - Top 20 - #18 - SCOTUS! (Supreme Court of the United States)

If you removed the gun from my head and I could see ten additional Fringe shows, what would they be in and why?

#18 - SCOTUS! (Supreme Court of the United States)

Serious Hedgehog Arts

Like Uncle Tom's Condo, SCOTUS! is another show that sort of snuck up on my sideways at the first Fringe-For-All. I wrote previously all about how the playwright doing the preview charmed and entertained me, making a damn fine spokeswoman for her play, so you can read that post here.

Basically - new play, funny play, smart play, good cast, nice change of gender in the leadership of the nation's highest court.

That's enough to get me in the door. In fact, Mom and I are going tonight. I'll report back...

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