Friday, July 25, 2014

Close Second for Funniest Fringe Preview - Night 2

“Call me Daddy.  I saw that on television.  I thought it would be erotic.”

Kitty Kitty Kitty - For starters, you’ve got Sam Landman and Katie Willer walking around in cat ears.  That visual’s pretty much all I need to sell me on this one.  The plot involves a suicidal cat, and cat cloning, and cats pretending they know how to talk dirty to one another.  And yes, it’s weird as heck.  But that’s kind of why I like it.  Again, it helps that the performers are so good.  To sell a concept like this, they almost have to be.  If they don’t take it “seriously,” how could we invest in such an oddball story.  Love is apparently just as much a mystery to cats as it is to us human beings.  Which I guess is comforting.  Fringe Preview host Jeff Larson returned to the stage after the scene to say, "That was a strange thing to only be able to hear."  Hey, Jeff, we saw it, and it was still mighty strange.  But I'd like to see more.

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