Friday, July 25, 2014

Funniest Fringe Preview - Night 1

“They’re actually not that bad.”

Jumping Jack Kerouac - Producer/choreographer Windy Bowlsby took a challenge posed to her in a bar to create a dance show with a bunch of writers as the dancers, and this is the result.  Rather than actually have any of them dance and spoil the surprise, she instead trotted out most of her cast - Katherine Glover, Kelvin Hatle, John Heimbuch, phillip low, Ben San Del, Tim Uren and Tim Wick - all of them Fringe veterans as writers and non-dancing performers, many of whom also have other shows in the Fringe this year themselves (gotta get an extra plug in where you can - just run their names through the search function on the Fringe site or watch the video record of their preview to get the details - chances are they’ve already stuck a postcard in your hand anyway).  This eight car pile-up of quirky artistic personalities all crammed onstage together makes you wonder what you could come up with if they had to just shut up and move.  As one of them said, “I could stand to be more scared in my life.”  As another of them said, “One way or another, it will be epic.”

I feel a little bad that the dance show I’m now most looking forward to doesn’t have any people who regularly define themselves as dancers in it.  But this being the Fringe, there’s a lot of “regular”(?) “normal” (?) dance shows that will no doubt find their way onto my schedule as well.  I’ve piled them all into the queue.  We’ll see how the scheduling shakes out.

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