Friday, July 25, 2014

Fringe New Play Preview I’m Most Interested In - Night 2

“This is the holiday where we sacrifice a chicken to the giant bunny god, right?”

Yama and Kalinda: a Transdimensional Love Story - Just like always, there’s a lot of dysfunctional family stories in the Fringe, and there’s a lot of love stories, but this one seems to be one of the better written ones.  Character isn’t sacrificed for one-liners.  Everyone seems like a human being rather than a stereotype.  Of course, it helps to have good actors, and they have that here as well.  Mostly I appreciated that the uncomfortable situation of bringing someone new home to meet the family - for a big holiday meal, no less - was treated adeptly from all angles.  The family dynamics were economically laid out.  Same for the romantic relationships.  Watching those tensions come into contact with each, and then mix and produce something even more awkward and amusing, was a really nice surprise.  New scripts in the Fringe are often lucky if they function well just on a single level.  This one’s operating well on several.  And I only got to see three minutes.  Impressive.

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