Friday, July 25, 2014

Favorite Dance Show Fringe Preview with Actual Dancers - Night 1

There Is No Myth - Writing about dance, and dance previews, is something I still struggle with.  Here it was just a feeling that the choreographer and the dancers knew what they were doing.  The moves were very precise and controlled.  The pace was deliberate and unhurried.  The point of this particular excerpt was the watch them go through the moves, not to catch them on the fly as they zipped past.  The moments, the distance between, and then contact between the dancers, all added up to something that felt like a story you could tell yourself, even in just three minutes.  The ensembles they wore were coordinated.  The music, a combination of piano and stringed instruments, was engaging.  I’m sure different pieces within the show will do different things in different ways but this individual offering convinced me that I’d like to watch whatever these artists have to offer.

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