Friday, July 25, 2014

Favorite Dance Show Fringe Preview with Actual Dancers - Night 2

“You talk just like an American.”
“I AM an American.”

Hi!  Hello!  Namaste? - This one gets extra points for sheer size.  They wisely decided, why not get right to the big Bollywood dance number?  Who else has one of those this year, right? (If you’ve got one, speak up and I’ll stand corrected.)  First, send out the two cute kids.  Then clear the way and hang on tight as 11 more dancers burst onto the stage.  Oh, and then partway through the routine we get two MORE dancers.  Now, this isn’t the finely tuned dancing of professionals in perfect synchronization.  They do try.  But some of these dancers are extremely white (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  However, what they may sometimes lack in precision, they more than make up for in enthusiasm.  Few previews were composed of people looking like they were having this much fun.  And that spirit of playfulness was infectious and quickly transmitted to the audience.  I was even smiling in spite of myself.  And then after the big finish, four MORE people came out on stage to do a snippet of an introductory scene, and it fit.  These folks crammed a whole lot into their three minutes, so they have my attention.  I’ll be looking to see if there’s a way I can squeeze this one into our overcrowded schedule.

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