Friday, July 25, 2014

Two Fringe Preview Helpings of Absurdity, part 2 - Night 1 (and Night 2)

“I will not use third party donor sperm as an instrument of vengeance.”

The Genealogy of Happenstance - Allegro Lingo is another one of those artists that, when she has a show in the Fringe, Mom is immediately on board.  Doesn’t matter what it is, she just likes to hear Allegra spin her humorous stories.  This Fringe will be no different.  First night of previews, Allegra wasn’t originally scheduled to present.  But somebody else dropped out at the last minute, so, being the game and ever ready promoter she is, Allegra stepped into that spot on the program.  She was already scheduled to do a preview on the second night, one she had more time to plan for, and she did that as well.  So audiences around for both previews got a double dose of the new show.  Allegra’s stories have always been personal on some level - even when they were largely focused on the craft of storytelling itself.  But this year, she’s mining the absurdity of navigating our health care system when you’re two women trying to have a baby together, a journey she and her wife Amy have been experiencing as they endeavor to expand their family.  The unplanned preview was looser but just as funny, if not funnier, than the one she’d planned for the following week.  It must be comforting to know that no matter what situation Allegra finds herself in, she’s full capable of just winging it.  (That’s a skill set that’s going to come in handy in this new world of parenting she’s about to enter.)  Come watch Allegra perform one last time before she has to do it completely sleep-deprived.

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