Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Writing Challenge - Rom-Com

Challenge- an inanimate object falls in love with an animal/nonhuman
Use this structure (or not):  According to Billy Mernit’s Writing the Romantic Comedy, every rom-com shares the same seven beats*:
- the chemical equation: setup
- the cute meet: catalyst
- a sexy complication: turning point
- the hook: midpoint
- swivel: second turning point
- dark moment: crisis climax
- joyful defeat: resolution


A comfortable ARMCHAIR waits.

So much excitement among the humans today.  I wonder what they’re up to.

A PUPPY enters.

Walks over to the chair.  Sniffs.

Well, aren’t you adorable.  Get on up here.

The PUPPY attempts to jump up on the chair.

It’s a little too small to make the leap on its own right now.

But the puppy is still very excited and happy to have found the chair.

So excited it pees all over the floor, and probably the bottom of the chair.

Normally when people urinate on me I’m annoyed.  But I love you.

The PUPPY scurries off.

Lights fade down and shift as time passes.

Lights rise and the PUPPY, now a bit more substantial in size, appears.

Hey boy!  How ya doin’!  Get on up here!

The PUPPY happily leaps into the chair, circles around and settles in.

There is no peeing.


There is however, an adult HUMAN who shoos the PUPPY out of the chair.

Aw.  That’s OK.  You can come back later when they’re gone.

The PUPPY nuzzles the chair, then trots off.

Lights fade down and shift as time passes.

The puppy, now a DOG, lumbers in.

You’ve grown into such a beautiful dog.  I’m happy to be a repository for all your shedding fur.

The DOG hops up on the chair and settles in.

This is my favorite time of day.

Lights fade down and shift as time passes and the DOG moves off into the dark.

The dog, now a VERY OLD DOG, reappears.

How ya doin’ today, boy?  Movin’ a little slow.  That’s OK.  Come on over here and relax.

The DOG tries, but is unable to make it up onto the chair.

That’s OK, boy.  I’m still here.  Just settle in.

The DOG circles around and settles against the base of the chair.

The DOG nuzzles the chair.


Lights fade down and shifts as time passes.

The DOG lumbers slowly off into the dark.

Lights rise, but no dog appears.

Boy?  Hey, boy!  Here, boy!  Where’d you go?  The house is so quiet.

Lights fade down and shifts as time passes.

Lights rise again, but still no dog appears.


Lights fade down and shifts as time passes.

Lights rise again.

The chair waits.

Suddenly, a new little PUPPY appears.

Aren’t you adorable!
Welcome to the house!

The PUPPY is very excited but unable to climb up on the chair.

So it pees all over the place and keeps bouncing around.

I have found love again.

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