Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Cappella Love - Nelorrie/Marx Productions

"This ain't no 'Oh what a beautiful morning'"

The romance! The passion! The brazen innuendo...all without instrumental accompaniment! A cast of eight explores (through song, dance, and comedy) falling in, being in, and falling out of - what else? - love.

This was clever, since it was the opening number of the evening's Fringe For All previews, and also the opening number of their show, called "Opening Number" - all about how the song was an opening number.  So… completely content free, though extremely meta, if that's how you like to roll with your entertainment.  A couple of winks and nods to other styles of musical theater.  The voices were pleasant, though they sometimes had a hard time filling the space in the Rarig Thrust.  Their actual venue, the Rarig Proscenium across the hall isn't all that much smaller.  Still, they were doing dance moves at the same time, so I'll give them a break for perhaps being out of breath.  I'm still not sure what it's about, other than love, of course, but they seem to have their act together.  The sampler of songs they sent me in an email were all very sharp, so if you're just looking for songs well sung, and you're not all hung up on needing things like plot and character development, this could be your show.  Here's the video, judge for yourself

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