Monday, July 30, 2012

A Vaginal Home Companion - Riot Crrricket Productions

"This show is a squealer."

Ever wonder what would happen if Eve Ensler wrote a down-home radio show? Here's a best guess at the results, complete with fiddles, folksy harmonies, and lots of TMI.

(no my R key didn't get stuck, that's their name) - Oh my. I felt kind of sorry for these three ladies. They were trying very hard, but their live singing got out of sync with their pre-recorded background track of music and they didn't seem to know how to get fully back on track (no pun intended). They grinned gamely and kept plowing ahead but the whole thing never really clicked. Now if all that was deliberate, they certainly had me fooled. The scenario - three well-dressed country gals singing lilting songs with naughty lyrics - has potential, but I'm not sure it's actually as edgy as they mean it to be.

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