Monday, July 30, 2012

A different kind of girl on girl action

Casual Encounters - Golden Ork Productions

A woman places an ad on Craigslist because she has a unique desire: to be in a fight, the ultimate loss of control. Another woman replies and agrees, begging the question: can violence be used as therapy?

Violence against women? Try violence between women instead. This isn't the only female fight club scenario in the Fringe this year. This spin is a modern take. Two women find each other when searching for another soul to fight. Don't know where exactly it goes from here, but the preview was kind of fun. A matter of fact entry into an escalating slap fight that ends with someone getting socked in the nose, all to comic effect. Nice work by both ladies.

On The Difference Between Two Ladies and the Resolution Thereof - Fell Down The Stairs

Two women of nobility use courtesy as shields and wit as swords until a dispute over flowers incites them to defend their honor with steel. An original comedy based on the first emancipated duel between women.

Here's another variation on female fight club. The first two ladies to challenge one another to a duel. It was kind of fun watching ladies in period costume insult each other while never stooping to coarse language. Of course, those were the standards of the time. But there's something satisfying about people insulting each other using complete sentences that don't include the words "F*** you." It's part of the reason Shakespeare's insults are so much fun. I wasn't sure this was going to be interesting to me, but the preview got me thinking otherwise. And we haven't even seen the duel yet.

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