Monday, July 30, 2012

Prophecy - New West Productions

"The three bitter truths that are left to us - sacrifice, slavery, submission."

A woman proclaiming the Second Coming becomes the subject of an intense government interrogation. But as riots in the street rage, protocols quickly crumble, ushering in a new God, a God of Chaos.

This is the reverse of the high stakes gambit Moonshine Madness and Murder has going on. It, too, tackles religion but goes for the full-on drama, perhaps melodrama. A woman's prophecy of the end times lights the match that starts to make modern civilization come unglued. An intriguing premise. Unfortunately, it feels in this preview like it's a gimmick. Just an excuse to get a bunch of people talking about things like belief and reality and the end of the world, but not really showing us anything. It's probably not fair to put so much pressure on three minutes in this instance, but I was hoping for more. Maybe the tyranny of high expectations at the Fringe is a good thing, but it's just as likely to make me overlook something with potential, and I hate thinking I might psych myself out that way.

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