Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chorus: Voices After The Silence - Alison Bergblom Johnson

"I'm too old to be afraid of the dark."

Stand in community across difference with writers and performers doing original storytelling, writing, and spoken word about sexual violence and its aftermath. Distinct perspectives revel in survival. 

Also a preview of Dead Wrong - Katherine Glover 

Years after a brutal assault, a young woman grapples with new evidence that suggests she may have sent the wrong man to prison. A solo drama inspired by actual events.

Oddly enough, as host Robin Gillette pointed out, not a musical despite the title. Katherine Glover was representing for the team of female storytellers doing this show. Also, it was conveniently an excerpt from her own show, which is called Dead Wrong. In addition to Katherine, we also get the wonderful Nancy Donoval in the mix on Chorus, so they're both well worth seeing. Neither of them are light shows, to be sure, but with the artists involved, they're bound to be good shows, and that's what I'm looking for.

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