Monday, July 30, 2012

Professor Martin's Museum of Eccentric Entertainments - Flamdazzle and Associates

"On the mezzanine, there was a nook by the elevator where a grumpy old man sold magic tricks."

A sampler of offbeat and strangely connected magic, juggling, and music, spanning a lifetime in show-biz and served up with extra-dry wit and semi-sweet memories.

A perfect example of how you can wow them without looking like you're trying too hard. The man is a genial storyteller. The magic tricks are simple but impressive (here, ropes that appeared to be knotted kept growing and changing and passing in and out of one another. No idea how he does it but it's a lot of fun to watch). The pacing of making the story work alongside the magic tricks still has some kinks (pardon the pun) but the guy delivers. A quiet little show that deserves an audience.

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