Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sin Eater - Present State Movement

"My name is Glory, and I am going to get me a Sin Eater.  Watch me."

Glory is called home to her estranged father's deathbed and is sent on a mission to find a Sin Eater. She pursues this dark beast through a haunted forest in an attempt to save her father's soul.

After Tamara Ober's offering of Flesh in last year's Fringe, her next Fringe show is something I've been waiting on with great expectation. I'd say she's one of the five returning acts this year from previous berths on my pre-Fringe Top Ten list that I'm most looking forward to. Very different from last year's showcase of multiple artists, but still featuring Tamara's controlled use of her body which is enormously compelling to watch, often downright hypnotic. Plus, the story of an epic quest that's literally life and death. Can't wait to see more.  (Word from the Canadian Fringe circuit, where she took the show first this year, has been very praiseworthy, not that I'm a bit surprised.)

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