Monday, July 30, 2012

The Hungry Games: Mocking The Mockingjay - Tom Reed

"His special skills are throwing bags of flour, and gullibility."

"The Hunger Games" gets skewered in this one-man musical romp through hilarious kid-on-kid mayhem from the creator of Fringe hit parody "Bite Me Twilight". Come hungry, leave dead. Let The Games begin!

It's Tom Reed. I'm going. Now that he's done Harry Potter, Twilight, and Disney Princesses, the Hunger Games franchise was inevitable. Like Curt and Laura before him, you either dig Tom's schtick or you don't. I most certainly do. Mostly because he makes it look so easy that it's easy to forget the degree of difficulty here. He has to condense reams of material into a 45-minute time slot, create all the characters in a way that makes the plot easy to follow even though he's essentially just talking to himself for an hour. Then compose and perform songs in this context. And make sure it's funny, both for the rabid fan and the uninitiated. Oh, and as a friend and I were discussing, if Tom found a way to take off his shirt doing Disney princesses, the Hunger Games is a slam dunk for more disrobing. Nothing wrong with a little beefcake to go with your comedy. Plus, Tom's a big sweaty mess by the time it's over. Guy leaves it all onstage, even in a three minute preview. Am I a fan of the Hunger Games? No. Will I let Tom Reed tell me that story with jokes, physical antics and songs? You bet.

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