Monday, July 30, 2012

BOOGIEography - Blue Umbrella Productions

"I don't think you're ready for this jelly."

The skill and style of Broadway PLUS the bass beat of the dance floor PLUS the pizzazz of flashy jazz (dancing, that is). It's Fosse to LMFAO, Robbins to MC Hammer: wiggle-making boogie plus artistry and skill.

Host Robin Gillette's assessment that the venue for this show would now be moved to her office is in line with my level of enjoyment. A bunch of guys and folding chairs, thrust "unexpectedly" into having to perform to Beyonce's song "Bootylicious" was all kinds of silly and funny (and oddly sexy). Plus, John Zeiler is thrown by nothing. His chair collapsed, he kept right on dancing, pretending the sheer force of his own personal magnitude upended his prop. He even made a bit out of righting it again during the routine. Meanwhile, his cohorts kept displaying their bootylicious moves. And now I have yet another dance show I thought I might pass on suddenly trying to shoehorn its way into my crowded schedule. Hey, a little fun in a preview goes a long way.

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