Monday, July 30, 2012

The Jesus Chair - Front Porch Theatre

"Maybe someday you'll be an artist and you'll understand."

Based on Han Nolan's "Send Me Down a Miracle," this work follows Charity Pittman, who is set to follow in her preacher father's footsteps until an eccentric artist comes to town claiming to have seen Jesus.

The scene chosen out of context unfortunately didn't do them any favors here. It was so much about an artist being selfish, and not at all about the central concerns of faith used to describe the story, that I don't think it represented the full show very well. Unless the show is about a selfish artist, in which case I was in doubt whether we were supposed to see the artist as selfish, or to see this behavior as justified in the service of one's art. Which is bullsh**, so I can't believe that's what they were peddling. The young heroine clearly needs to find another mentor if she means to be a decent human being as well as an artist. At one point, in referring to the chair which displayed the image of Jesus, the artist justified the chair's removal because it wasn't a healthy thing on which to fixate. "You can't idolize people like that." Wait, you can't idolize Jesus? Oh-kay… The play probably means you shouldn't worship things, like objects in which the faces of religious figures appear. But I have to admit, the whole preview left me confused. Plus, ever since the "Grilled Cheesus" episode of Glee, I have a hard time taking the face of Jesus appearing in everyday objects as seriously as I should. My bad.

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