Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tales From A Twisted Universe - Seldom Scene Productions

"Billy the Kid wouldn't have been late.  John Dillinger wouldn't have been late.  The Hillside Strangler wouldn't have been late.  But you..."

Five hysterically twisted plays, including one national award-winning work. Among the selection: a sneezing fit ignites a friendship, a man liberates frozen meat, and a polar bear gets an unexpected treat.

Playwright/director Mic Weinblatt is a friend of mine (he was on my blog's very first pre-Fringe Top Ten list back in the day) and he's mixing in some old reliable material with some new stuff, including a new name for his producing company. (Used to be Rhino Productions but maybe the abbreviation for Republican In Name Only was ruining the word rhino for him in an election year.) It's big, broad, over the top comedy on the page and in performance - such as this preview where an overbearing Jewish mother inserts herself into her son's work as a hitman at a funeral parlor. There will also be a family of cockroaches and the soap opera that is their short, eventful lives. If you're in the mood for sketch comedy, this could be for you.

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