Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Love's Prick - Pros and Cons

Monday saw our biggest audience and liveliest discussion yet (and that's saying something, on both counts). Not a bad way to start the week.

Some of my friends in the blogosphere have begun grappling with "Love's Prick."

One who really likes romantic comedies.

And one who really doesn't.

Both extremely supportive though, so bless 'em. It means a lot.

Two more performances remain.

If you haven't yet joined us, please do.

For those who need an outsider's nudge - try the nod we got from the City Pages' A-List

If you've seen it, and liked it, tell your friends.

I'd like to get some nice crowds for the actors' final performances of this. They've worked really hard on behalf of this script and I'd like to send the process out in style.

Meanwhile, I've got a couple of reviews of other people's work for a change that need posting. Time to get on that...

Our final performances are

Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23

Come join us in our little temporary home at the Center for Independent Artists.

Performances will be June 18, 22 & 23, 2007 - 7:30pm - with audiences discussions to follow, for those who are interested.

Performances at the Center for Independent Artists - www.c4ia.org

House size is a mere 60 seats, so reservations are recommended. You can call (612) 724-8392 or reserve online

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