Friday, January 18, 2008

Looking for Something To See This Weekend? I Suggest...

If you're going to see one thing this weekend, it should be this, because it only plays this weekend, and it'd be a shame to miss it...

Who knew dance could be so funny?

Last night I saw the first performance of an evening of dance from choreographer Cade Holmseth (who dances with Stuart Pimsler, Jeffrey Peterson, Vanessa Voskuil, and, for the Fringe-ophiles among is, could be classed as Live Action Set-adjacent - all of which, very promising markers.) Cade and his fellow dancer/performers deliver on this promise and then some. Cade, along with Brian Evans, Bryan Gerber, and Mark Ruark, could not be more different physically, and yet their bodies and styles blend together beautifully to create some remarkable scenes of movement. Part slapstick, part romance, part streetfight. It's tremendously entertaining and engaging.

What is it? "Le Regard Feminin - Quatro Uomi" (or, for the French-impaired like myself - "The Feminine Gaze - Four Men"). Seriously, though, don't let the French in the title or the gender studies vocabulary of the subject matter scare you off.

I went to see good dance (and, let's be honest, nice-looking men dancing together is never a minus in my theatergoing book). I got so much more than the expected eye candy. I'll go on about it at length shortly, but since the run is likely to expire before a full review is posted, I felt the need to get a little blurb posted right away.

Anybody who reads this blog knows I have a limited vocabulary where dance is concerned anyway. Frankly, the good stuff always leaves me stunned at the kind of beautiful things the human body is capable of doing, both alone and in combination with others, onstage in the world of dance.

This is the good stuff. It's funny. It's sweet. It's gorgeous. It's thought-provoking. It's just a really great evening of sitting in the dark, drinking in one person's vision. Something you can let roll around in your head for a good long while.

It had a nice crowd last night when I was there. But something this good deserves to pack the joint.

So, go.

The remaining performances are tonight, Friday 1/8 and Saturday 1/19, both at 7:30pm, and a Sunday matinee closing peformance 1/20 at 2pm.

It performs at Red Eye - 15 West 14th Street, Minneapolis

There's also a slew of other stuff going on, and you can find numerous links to it all on the front page of my website -

Just didn't want you to blink a miss this one. Good performances are better when shared.

Oh - addendum - I forgot because it always strikes me as a little silly we have to warn each other about nudity (the human body! how terrifying!). That said, though there is a lot of skin throughout the evening, there is one brief, tasteful moment of nudity that pulls off the neat trick of being both sexy as hell and simultaneously kind of hilarious. Enjoy.

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