Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fringe 2008 - Day 6 - What's Mom Seeing Tuesday Night?

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis (Art Is Long, Life Is Short) - Kari Jensen - Ritz Theater

One of this year’s top 10. The second project Joseph Bingham of Conundrum Rehabbed fame is involved in this year. This time the choreographer in charge is Kari Jensen, so I’m curious to see the differences and similarities between the two shows, based on their creators. Show page here, write-up here.

Dance of the Whisky Faerie - Sara Stevenson Scrimshaw - Southern Theater

One of this year’s top 10. Comedy soaked in alcohol, story-telling, and dance, from the graceful and mischievous Sara Stevenson Scrimshaw and her extremely funny husband Joseph. Show page here, video clip here, write-up here.

Boom - IL Productions - Rarig Center Arena

A returning favorite, by virtue of the fact that this solo show comes from one half of the brilliant Cody Rivers Show team. Saw a preview in the out-of-towner showcase which was, of course, hilarious. Mom’s really excited we could squeeze this one in - a double dose of Cody Rivers-style humor before she goes. Show page here, video clip here.

Suitcase Cabaret - Claire Simonson - Intermedia Arts

Another returning favorite. I’ve loved Claire’s complex solo shows ever since I saw “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” and its followup “Boob Tube.” Smartly written with an off-kilter sense of humor, and sharply executed multi-media always in the mix. It’s a one-woman combination stand-up comedy routine and mental juggling act, with big ideas as the bowling pins, swords and balls flying through the air. Mom loved Claire’s show last time, too, so we’re both looking forward to this one a lot as well. Show page here, write-up here.

All this plus, Mom has a friend, David, coming in to town to visit, specifically to see her, and the Fringe. David’s been to several other Fringes, but never Minnesota’s. So, naturally, we plan to run him ragged tonight - then set him loose to explore on his own.

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