Friday, June 10, 2005

Fringe 2005 - TV Update

So far, this is what the roster of guests is looking like for the upcoming taping of new episodes of Cue to Cue spotlighting the Minnesota Fringe Festival (last year, we featured interview/performance segments with a couple of City Pages' Best of The Twin Cities winners - Knock! and Calibanco - no telling which of this year's guests might tickle the collective fancy of this year's theater-going audiences. They already have my attention):

Asian Media Access (of 2004's "The Story of Temple Street," bringing "Shanghai Extravaganza" to this year's Fringe)

Ballet of the Dolls (of 2003's Beauty and the Beast, now bringing us "Stripped")

Leah Cooper, Executive Director of the Minnesota Fringe Festival (of course)

The Early Stage (who launched with my first Minneapolis production, Heaven and Home, and now brings us "The Candy Ass Club")

Emigrant Theater (who just had their inaugural production, The Presence of Children a great new play from the author of the 2004 Fringe's The Valets, and is now bringing Carson Krietzer's "Dead Wait" to the Fringe)

Allegra Lingo (of 2004's Agog, among her many other Fringe duties and performances, with this year's "Hubcap Frisbee")

David Mann and the Rogues (of more past Fringe successes that we can go into here - Sex With David Mann and The Worst Show In The Fringe being just a couple - this year he expands on the Shakespearean version of The Godfather that he composed for the Fringe's Five Fifths of the Godfather fundraiser)

Mary Jo Pehl (of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame, here teaming up with Starting Gate Productions to present her new script "Man Saved By Condiments" - based on a true story)

Penchant Productions (inspired by seeing a Fringe show last year, a poet and a prose writer team up to bring us "Dinner with Medusa")

Rik Reppe (of 2003's Staggering Toward America, with this year's "Glorious Noise")

The Scrimshaw Brothers (of more past Fringe successes than we can go into here - but I just linked to a few anyway - back with their new "Scrimshaw Show," plus Joseph's latest creation "Adventures in Mating")

Walking Shadow Productions (of 2004's Lives of the Most Notorious Highwaymen, now presenting "Ten Speed Revolution")

And waiting in the wings, like the runners up in the Miss America contest, ready to take over the duties of guest if scheduling falls through for one of the others...

Annicha Arts (of 2004's "Fear of Freedom," now tackling the tsunami disaster and world response in this year's "Fragile Lines")

Mime performer Dean Hatton (of 2003's "What Plotline Where?" and other Fringes past, bringing us this year's "Skits-ophrenia!!!")

No Refunds Theater with Kung Fu Hamlet (from the purveyors of 2003's zombies and 2004's sitcoms, we now have 2005's "Kung Fu Hamlet")

The Players of Notorious Temerity (who delivered a ripped-from-the-headlines satire based on Shakespeare's Macbeth, entitled "McBush", and now join the Fringe with "Desolation In America")

More details as I have them.

Sorry to have been incommunicado. A combination of juggling the two day jobs, working on the above scheduling issues, and trying to get the first act of a new play of my own completed to take into a writing group meeting earlier this week. More soon.

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