Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fringe 2007 - Fringe Mailbox, day 2

Opened the little metal door with my key today to find the PO box clogged yet again with video offerings from visiting Fringers...

Tim Mooney, hailing from Illinois (who brought us last year's creepy sci fi comedy thriller Criteria) back again, this time with a completely different offering - Moliere Than Thou. (Something my fellow blogger Phillip is looking forward to with undisguised glee - and vows to get me to see.) - www.timmooneyrep.com

William Whitehurst (who wins the distance award, sending from Paris, France) and Act Provocateur International

[Warning, their current production of "La Ronde" is - well, it's "La Ronde," so it is naturally a bit racy - not for viewing at work perhaps]

presenting his play "Pigeon Man Apocalypse" (with a backstory for the performer involved that kind of blew my mind) - www.actprovocateur.net


The guys of The Cody Rivers Show, out of Bellingham, Washington. It's a mini-tape, so I'm kind of bummed I can't watch it. Have to pass that tape of "Flammable People" directly on to my producer Carol sight unseen. But their website offers a whole host of stuff to peruse - And yeah, I took one look and thought "Tall, handsome, most likely gay-friendly, clowns. I think they just found their demographic in me." I am such an easy mark sometimes. - www.codyrivers.com

Hope to preview some of these last two days' worth of video over my lunch break.

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