Friday, May 25, 2007

My Website and Email Are Down

Hi all

Hopefully by the time any of you wonder where I am or why I'm not responding, this will be resolved.

As of 6pm last night, my site went down, taking the email account with it.

First it was non-responsive with a standard error page, then it was a "Hey, this domain name has expired. Find out how to renew it today" page.

As far as I know, my domain name has not expired.

Something weird is going on, but until it's resolved, I'm kinda screwed.

For the time being, I'm running things through a secondary email address

Gee, play coming up in three weeks, TV studio taping in less than a week, I wonder if I could dream a worse time for something like this to happen.


Nope, not coming up with anything at the moment.

Once my feeble online life is restored, I'll let ya know.


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