Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ridiculous Amounts of Theater This Weekend...

Man, my February is just not conducive to theatergoing at all. Which is a darn shame, because there's tons of it, particularly kicking off this weekend and stretching out for weeks beyond...

For instance, you ask?

Well, how about the first annual Chekhov Festival over at the Bryant Lake Bowl? If you want to see a whole bunch of great theater people doing a whole lot of different things with our favorite Russian playwright and short story writer - comedy, cartoons, drama, faithful productions and completely random adaptations - it's all here baby. Check out their website - and get all the lovely details for yourself. You could fill a month of weekends just with that - and they'd certainly like you to do so. (Plus, who doesn't like food and drink during the show? And bowling and a bar just outside when you're done? Ideal.)

There's also a well-regarded and popular Fringe show, Same Difference, being remounted at the Illusion for a two week run.

Fringe vets Walking Shadow offer up the regional premiere of Naomi Iizuka's 36 Views.

Scrappy new theater group Workhouse brings us the area premiere of Steve Martin's comedy The Underpants

And a bunch of familiar faces can be found involved in the production of Theater In The Round's Henry V - including beloved Fringe favorite Craig Johnson in the director's chair

And really, that's just for starters. If none of those strike your fancy, there's at least one more new production starting, five more productions heading into their final weekends, and nine or so continuing their runs.

Links for all those and more can be found about halfway down the front page of my website - - in the Theater Recommendations section.

I will likely be looking on longingly from afar for most of it. Next weekend I head out of town to join the family back east celebrating my father's 80th birthday. And last weekend of the month I'm back east again celebrating not only mom's 70th, but her well-deserved retirement party after thirty years on the job at a place she loves. Plus grandma's turning 95 next month, so we'll get in some celebrating for her as well. But it means I'm not going to be around much, and the time I am, well, I kind of need to work my two jobs so I can afford the trips home. Thus the Guthrie box office will be the lion's share of my theater-related contact for February.

So break a leg, everyone.

And those not in shows, by all means, see what everyone else is up to. It's the usual embarrassment of riches. Whatever your choice, you're bound to be happy.

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